Thursday, December 25, 2008

Posh Rehab Syndrome?

Posh Rehab Syndrome (PRS)
1.when a recovering shopaholic goes bananas after attempting to hinder his/her shopaholic ways
2. when a sixteen year old girl gets a job, gets a little shop crazy, gets new clothes every week, gets this crazy idea that she wants to be a fashion designer, and ends up losing bits of herself, her creativity, and individuality along the way

I am posh rehab syndrome. I have no idea what has happened to me. I woke up in the middle of my sophomore/junior year realizing I was losing bits of myself that I had no idea I had gotten rid of until recen
tly. I was as the ever-admirable Tavi would call an Aberzombie. I was a Hollislave. I was an Aerohead. Not that I could afford any of the above. I spent more of my time at the Hollister outlets and other stores trying to mimick the style than actually buying the clothes in the store. For some reason looking like I shopped there was so important to me. I wanted so badly to fit in, it sickens me to this day because I am sure that the reason I am so lost right now is because I couldn't find the confidence to stand out. 

I was a cool kid. Not in the popularity sense, "those girls" didn't understand me. They didn't understand that I didn't care about what they thought about the way I dressed. They only understood that I clashed and how my clothing labels were nameless or how I might have worn the same jeans yesterday. Unbelievable! I was the never-matched kid, weird but awesome, but now I matched everday. I can't stop it, it's like a phobia I can't cure. I don't know what changed me but I'm definitely different. 

So what is the purpose of this ramble I call a blog? I'm in search for new  people, objects, music, art, etc.. that will fuel my inspiration. My friends are suffocating me, I need an outlet. Comment if you want to be interviewed. I plan to do an interview with a different blogger each week. I don't know how it will benefit you but from my experience it's always nice to talk about yourself.  

Current Inspiration: 

Lady Gaga: No it is not because of that overplayed mess called "Just Dance". It's her amazing stage presence and her ability to bring soemthing new to the pop charts.
21: Poker/Vegas/Casinos serve as a major inspiration in the fashion portfolio I am drawing for FIDM and Parsons.

Skater Boys: Skater boys. Skater boys' girlfriend who can't skateboard. Skateboard life. I'm in love with the skater appeal and I have no idea how to incorporate that into a chicer line.